La La Land

Come and live in La La Land
where the atmosphere is bland,
where everyone is very sweet
and all the poems are a treat.

If there’s something not quite right,
please don’t yell and start a fight.
because the status quo is grand,
and that’s the rule in La La Land

where nothing’s wrong and nothing’s sick
and nothing cuts men to the quick.
If some dark inkling irks a poet
we must advise him not to show it.

Please stay in step and stay in line
and everything will soon be fine;
for we’re all good and we’re all free.
Let’s write and publish, merrily.

And what we write is all (although
it may be judged on whom we know
and how much influence they wield).
So, sorry scribblers, shut up! Yield!

And if you wish to sidestep strife
you mustn’t sully art with life.

2007 © M.A.Griffiths